15 thoughts on “Yoga tomorrow.”

  1. well…today was the day i had to stop in the middle of my workout. got through 3 rounds in 7ish minutes when i was convinced to stop because of my back (gotta learn how to bring the bar DOWN more effectively).
    silver lining: my new consecutive HSPU max is 7 with the #15 plate!
    p.s. jared, THANK YOU for talking some sense into me.

  2. Did this GTO wod as a make up wod on thursday night. Got 7+11 at 115, 1.5kbs, and had an abmat on the ground to buffer my head. I did kipping hspu. Think it should be rx’d but not sure since I needed the soft abmat to cushion my dome.
    Thanks to Eric and Peter for cheering me on at the end and helping me on my form. I need to get my form nailed down!

  3. WOD: 6 + 7 GTO
    GTO – 85#
    KBS – 1 pood
    HSPU – 45# + ab mat for the first couple rounds, 25# + ab mat for the remainder
    (couldn’t find 25# plate initially)


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