Strength & Fitness
Strength & Fitness (formerly CrossFit) classes are (60) minutes long and include both strength training and cardio components. These classes utilize barbells for training, whereas our SWIFT classes do not.
SWIFT (HIIT/Bootcamp) classes are (45) minutes long and focus on body weight and light-to-medium weight accessories like kettlebells and dumbbells.
Join us every Sunday for MOVE! We take a break from our regularly scheduled Strength & Fitness and SWIFT programming to bring you a challenging day of “active rest”.
Yoga – Salute the Sun
Waking up is hard to do… except when you know the room will be warm, the flow inviting, and the atmosphere chill yet vibrant enough to get your day started. Expect to start your day warm, stretched, strong, balanced, focused and happy!

Yoga – Flow & Go

Want to get lost in movement? This is your class. Expect to sweat, flow, and hit the pause button.

Yoga – Alignment Flow

Enjoy the sweat of a Vinyasa Flow with more focus on alignment. Expect the class to pause and explain postures, as well as to teach more challenging poses and then add it into the flow. STRONG denotes a version of this class focused on strength building.

Yoga – Deep Stretch

This is our Yin class! It consists of long, held (typically seated or reclined) postures that encourage you to explore your mental and physical edge. While the class pace is slow (usually 6-8 postures per class), the mental strength & willingness to let go make it one of our tougher offerings!

Yoga – Spirit Journey
This is our most advanced offering where you’ll experience part philosophy, part asana, part meditation, and part pranayama. Expect a full soul cleansing and an in depth practice of at least 4 of the 8 limbs of the yogic path each class.
Yoga – R&R (Rest & Reset)
Shut off your busy work brain and ease back into your life with this quick hit of peace. We’ll start by resting with a few restorative postures followed by a guided meditation. Leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to head home and be present!
Our Longevity members are defying tired stereotypes about aging. Many of the most talented athletes who regularly come to NapTown are not the twenty-and-thirty-somethings… they’re the 50-somethings! In Longevity classes you will move with vigor, be challenged in your exercise routine, and improve your mobility.
Open Gym
Utilize NapTown’s space and equipment to safely work toward your fitness goals. Advanced registration is required, as space is limited.


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