Strength & Fitness (aka CrossFit) classes are (60) minutes long and include both strength training and cardio components. These classes utilize barbells for training, whereas our Bootcamp classes do not.


Our Bootcamp classes are (45) minutes long and use light-to-medium weight accessories like kettlebells and dumbbells.


Take a break from our regularly scheduled CrossFit and Bootcamp programming to bring you a challenging day of “active rest”.


Our Longevity members are defying tired stereotypes about aging. Many of the most talented athletes who regularly come to Myriad are not the twenty-and-thirty-somethingsā€¦ they’re the 50-somethings! In Longevity classes you will move with vigor, be challenged in your exercise routine, and improve your mobility.

Open Gym

Open to members at the CrossFit level only. Utilize Myriad’s space and equipment to safely work toward your fitness goals. Advanced registration is required, as space is limited.

Yoga – Restore

This heavily-propped practice features postures focused on resting, recovering, and mindful breathing.

Yoga – Stretch

A great starting point for new yogis or athletes looking to add yoga to their recovery. This class is slower paced and focused on mobility and stretching, holding poses for 2-3 minutes at a time.

Yoga – Align

We’ll focus on a longer breakdown of alignment within postures while also introducing the concept of flow. Yogis will also start to become introduced to yoga theory and concepts.

Yoga – Awaken

Start your day with this early morning practice! Not as slow & steady as an Align class, but not as fast & free moving as a Flow class. We’ll focus on waking up the entire body at a pace that won’t wear you out for the rest of the day.

Yoga – Flow

Our vinyasa style class! Pair breath with movement while exploring new postures and challenges within your practice. Yogis may be invited to flow on their own during the back half of class and will experience a deeper embrace of yoga themes.

Yoga – Sadhana
This 90 minute class is part philosophy, part asana, part meditation, and part pranayama. Expect a full soul cleansing and an in-depth practice of at least 4 of the 8 limbs of the yogic path. Our most advanced class and deepest dive into theory!


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