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PJ Gindling


Email: Instagram: @pjgindling

Continuing Education & Experience

Registered Nurse
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

One Word To Describe Yourself


Name One Subject you are Passionate About


Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

I am extremely hardworking and have a lot of energy to get things done. I don’t sit down much, even at home, and I keep pushing until I have accomplished my goals. I believe this is what makes me successful when working with people.
What I bring to the table!

I have an insatiable curiosity for diet and lifestyle content. I read countless books and listen to numerous podcasts on the subject. I don’t live in a 1 size fits all box. I like to experiment with different strategies that align with the clients goals and personal philosophies.

Why Fitness and Health?

You can’t have fitness without health and you can’t have health without fitness. If you are working out 5 times a week, but eating like crap you are doing yourself a disservice. By having a terrible diet you are still putting yourself at risk for many of the chronic and cardiovascular diseases that are plaguing modern society. Focusing on proper nutrition and making a concerted effort to move your body (i.e. CrossFit, SWIFT, yoga, taking a walk, etc.) everyday you will undoubtedly succeed.