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Logan Webb

SWIFT/Barbell/Strength & Fitness



Continuing Education & Experience

Crossfit Level 2
U.S.A. Weightlifting Level 1
AAAI/ISMA Personal Trainer Certification

Extensive Coaching and Personal Training experience in Spanish

One Word To Describe Yourself


Name One Subject you are Passionate About

Understanding Human Suffering

Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

I’ve never met someone that I can’t get along with.

What I bring to the table!

An open mind and a desire to reach my potential in everything I do.

Why Fitness and Health?

It’s a great privilege to train others- There is no better way for a person to take responsibility for their well being than to get moving with a physical practice. The gym has changed my life and its meaning for me continues to evolve and express itself in many different ways. Currently, it is expressing itself as an opportunity to be of service to a group of people who are taking their health into their own hands. Awesome!