18 thoughts on “Puppies Around the Gym”

  1. Enjoyed this morning b/c it was stuff I can do!
    12: something- forgot to write it down.
    12 criss cross (yeah!)
    3 jackalopes (ugh!)

  2. Fun workout today, Peter! Tough but doable. Thanks!
    15:09 for the WOD, with knees to chest instead of toes to bar. 7 was my low criss-cross and 3 was my low jackelopes. Full disclosure, they were three really ugly ones.
    Sidenote: I am thinking about gloves – anyone have suggestions?

  3. Criss cross: 3
    Jackalopes: 3 (ugh)
    WOD: 15:03 (subbed leg raises for T2B but REALLY need to get these on my suck list)

  4. Criss cross: 8
    Jackalopes: 4 (as if burpees weren’t bad enough!)
    WOD 12:48 (scaling consisted of flailing on the bar with almost knees to elbows, middle rounds doing a heels to the heavens varition, mix of step-ups and standard box jumps…you get the point).

  5. 1:5
    WOD today was very humbling! Thank you
    Shannon and Jared for pushing me! Found
    some new areas to work on. 15:57
    First time ripping hands open! What a day!;)


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