Plate It Up: Eating Out Hack

This is going to be short, sweet, and to the point. One of the most powerful tools in our nutrition arsenal is the plate method. Don’t know what that is, OK… we’ll go a little longer then.

With the plate method, you’re looking to balance your plate like this:

This is RARELY how a plate comes to the table in a restaurant, usually it’s more like half (or more) starch and a quarter protein, quarter vegetables. So what can you do to make that work? There’s 2 answers here:

Discipline. Yep, you can do it yourself, if you’re disciplined enough! Go for it!
Hack the process.

I came from a family where you cleaned your plate, and to this day, that’s a domestication I can’t always suppress. Fortunately, there’s an easy hack when you go out to eat, and it’s only got 3 small steps:

Step 1: Ask for a to-go box
Step 2: Manually balance your plate by shoveling excess from the areas into the to-go box
Step 3: Set the to-go box on the floor

Scandalous, right? It may seem weird, especially the part where you put the to-go box on the floor (or bench next to you), but that’s the deal-closer. Rest assured that you are more than welcome to eat everything in that box if you get done with your plate and are still hungry (also rest assured that you probably won’t!). It’s a great way to avoid overeating and still get that balance wherever you go out!

Chow Down!

Will Shepler, NTN Coach

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