Want better results in the gym? Start with a better diet for your goals.

  • Nutrition isn’t just about losing weight (though it can be a perk!) – better nutrition will make you a better athlete, more focused at work, and can bring clarity from not riding sugar highs and lows all day.
  • When we say “personalized”, we mean it! Our Nutrition Coaches have a variety of specialties – we’ll make sure you’re set up with the right fit based on your goals.
  • Anyone can be a NapTown Nutrition Member – you do NOT have to have a fitness membership to take advantage of individual nutrition coaching.

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Frequently asked questions about NapTown Nutrition

We’re not physicians, so we can’t give you medical advice like a professional doctor. We do, however, know that improving your diet and overall nutrition is the single best thing you can do for a healthier mind and body.

The science and research behind that is unwavering. If you have concerns about managing specific issues, like a family history of heart disease or diabetes for instance, let us know during your No-Snack intro and initial consultation. We’ll talk about what options you might consider.
Most of our Nutrition membership plans require a four month minimum commitment. This is mostly for accountability. We see more success from more people when they commit to at least that amount of time. If after four months you need to change your membership level or wish to cancel, you can.
You’ll perform better when you’re eating better. Ever try doing a pull-up after a day of a salty or sugary meal that makes you feel bloated? That heavier water weight is slowing you down. A healthy diet can allow you to move faster and become stronger.
There’s no one answer here. Most people see the most significant results in about 3-6 months.
Technically no, but you’ll certainly see results that are far more extraordinary if you combine healthy eating with exercise.
Please do! We have special virtual consultation and coaching options. Our supportive community and bank of recipes, blogs, and other resources are all virtual.
Specifically, there are foods you shouldn’t have. But unless you’re eating fried, buttery, salty, sugary, or excessively heavy food for every meal of the day and snacks in-between, much of it is manageable. And most people find simple changes add up to big changes. Like substituting greek yogurt in for flavored yogurts. 

A lot of people are also surprised to learn how unhelpful and unhealthy some supposedly healthy foods are, like most energy drinks, sports drinks, and energy bars. More than likely you’re not that totally connected to those foods and drinks. Regardless, we’re not going to come to your house and shake down the cabinets.
Tea is great, coffee can be great so long as you’re not drinking five cups a day, and alcohol is manageable. A beer or drink is fine so long as you’re responsible and budget for it.
You don’t have to, but we encourage people to at least track their meals in some way. To make it easier, however, we’ve pre-made all the necessary calculations for you in our nutrition and food plans.