22 thoughts on “Happy Valentine's Day/Fundamentals class next week”

  1. That was a fun one. Well kind of, ok not really.
    93# Jerk (in case you are keeping track that is a 20# increase for me!) My goal=catch up to Nikita!
    165 reps. My new mental challenge-dumbbell thrusters-you guys are going down.
    A Valentine to the WOD
    Won’t you be my Valentine?
    Just have to beat me to that line.
    5 sprints down, and 5 sprints back
    Then KB swings, you better keep track
    After that another run
    Keep it up, you’re nearly done
    Just some thrusters and to the wall
    For some sit-ups with a medicine ball
    3 rounds and then you’re done
    Time to start the VALENTIN’S DAY FUN!

    • Thanks! You are all my inspiration.
      Now can someone help me get off this chocolate wagon and back on the Paleo Path? I need some assistance!

      • Just eat a ridiculous amount of beef jerky, and you won’t have room for the chocolate. I made 5 lbs of beef into jerky 2 days ago, and it’s almost gone….

  2. Holy moly that was a toughie! 170 points using 10# dumbbells, the yellow kettlebell, and the 10# ball.
    Just worked with the bar on jerks, but got a couple that felt good.
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!

  3. 134 reps on the WOD w 35lb thrusters, 1.5p swings and 20lb WB’s…
    That was definitely an endurance tester for me… I really like the lengthy workouts that push us at multiple stations!!!


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