Fundamentals Wednesday, Yoga Saturday!

Do not forget we have our fundamentals night at 7:30pm still a few spots available. ALSO, we are having free YOGA on Saturday taught by our guess coach Shannon! Starts at 11:45 will run until about 1pm.]]>

7 thoughts on “Fundamentals Wednesday, Yoga Saturday!”

  1. max situps in 1 min – 40
    max ring dips – 18
    rope climbs are a lot of fun, but still learning good technique.
    WOD: 9:12 with 85# SDHP
    GMs: 65#s

  2. sit-ups – 39
    ring dips – 5-6 FAIL
    rope climb – a couple decent ascents. Inov8 shoes difficult to grip with.
    WOD – 10:57 rx’d

  3. Skill 1 Min AMRAP:
    Sit ups – 44
    Rope climb- first time climber- 2 attempts; made it on the 2nd try- yay! Will bring other shoes next time to protect my teal inov 8 kicks 🙂
    Ring dips- 16 with blue band’s assistance
    WOD: 10:54
    Upped the weight in my sumo lift so clearly some new muscles are being formed- or technique has improved.
    Happy Fun Tuesday!


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