12 thoughts on “Business School Survey”

  1. good day to work on technique
    then some reps during “bonus rounds” at 65 working on technique.
    i know i’m going to feel the GHDs for the next few days.

  2. Thanks, Jared, Jared, Elyse, and Peter for your help and patience tonight. You guys were very encouraging. I’m so happy to have Elyse around now.

  3. 53-63-75-85-88# for the 5 rounds. I was so close to getting 90#, but that 2 extra pounds weighed a lot mentally. However, 88# is still a PR for squat snatch, which I love! So glad we did these movements today.
    Survey: check!

  4. Redid the semi final wod from the GLI
    Deadlifts #245
    Wall walks
    Cleans #135 (they were actually #130 at the GLI)
    did it in 14:44 at the competition so I am very happy with this


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