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Curious what NapTown @ Home is all about?

  • Online classes you can do at home, outdoors, after hours, or anywhere.
  • Virtual “in-person” classes you can join via Zoom offered 3x daily.
  • Or, workout solo on your own time.
  • Includes online specialty classes like CORE, Buns n’ Guns, Karate, and more.
  • Practice Indie Yoga (NapTown Fitness’s own Yoga Studio) has daily flows and at-home classes on YouTube you can check out for Free!
  • Want more? Become a NapTown Member and you will have access to multiple classes a day, a community that is supportive and fun, and opportunities to grow in every way!

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Contact us via the web
Ph: 317-632-8820

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When your body is busy, your mind isn’t. You owe it to yourself to be active.

Frequently Asked Questions about NapTown CrossFit

Yes, every workout can be scaled up or down in intensity. Each workout will give you guidance on what to do. Coach-led virtual classes will also show you ways to scale movements.
Absolutely! You may find it helpful to take part in coach-led virtual classes first. But each @ Home workout includes a how-to video, ways to scale the workout to make it easier (or more challenging), and other advice.
Our coaches make the difference. Most at-home workouts are poorly designed to take advantage of the right muscle groups at the right time. Our workouts are designed by coaches who are CrossFit certified, experienced, and available to answer questions. This keeps you safe while you progress.
For most workouts, nothing. You may find a yoga mat helpful for Practice Indie’s virtual yoga flows. And if you have dumbells, kettlebells, or other weights at home you can often incorporate those into your workouts. But each NapTown @ Home workout is designed to be light on equipment.