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These intros are not a yoga session. It’s one-on-one with an instructor, a tour, and a Q&A session about your goals.

It helps us keep you safe and you’ll know you have solid goals.

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More membership options are available. Here are some you might be interested in.

Yoga teachers at Practice Indie have hundreds of hours of training

Practice Indie instructors routinely train with some of the most experienced instructors in the Midwest.

Practice Indie also features heated yoga classes using infrared panels in the ceiling, classes throughout the day, and yoga teacher training.

Yoga is a great compliment for athletes looking to make use of rest days, stay or become more flexible, and anyone looking to develop a rich practice of mindfulness.

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Frequently Asked Questions about yoga at Practice Indie

TOTALLY! Our all-levels classes are open to beginners and advanced yogis alike. However, if you are unsure about coming to a general class we offer “Beginner” level classes twice per week. Those classes are the perfect place to learn some of the basics before jumping into the all-levels options.

All classes are labeled by level and also if they are heated or not. If you are interested in learning about what each level means you can find more information here

Still unsure? We also offer a Foundations of Yoga course that dives deep to help prepare you for all the things yoga can offer. Learn more about that program here.
We have a couple of restorative/stretchy classes that would be perfect. Check out Practice Indie’s site where you can read all about the different classes.

We recommend starting with any of our Deep Stretch, Competitive Napping, or R&R classes. You can find the schedule here.
Yes, a mat rental for a lovely Lululemon mat is $3. You are always welcome to bring your own mat as well.
It’s hard to say. Practice Indie instructors refer to movements by their sanskrit names, but also mention their more Westernized names, like “downward-facing dog”. We call this a yoga practice for a reason. It can take a week or two to become really comfortable, but it’s worth the practice. And instructors will make sure you’re safe and on-target.

Our new Competitive Napping and Deep Stretch courses are really simple. They typically feature six poses at most.
The room is heated to 80 degrees in “warm” classes and 90 degrees in “heated” classes. The heat comes from the room’s furnace and special infrared heat panels located along the ceiling of the room. If a class isn’t marked as “warm” or “heated” on the schedule, then it’s just a room-temperature class. We only warm or heat the rooms during the fall and winter.