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  1. So, today I finished my workout in 9:50, and I was trying to keep it under 10 minutes, so I did accomplish that goal. The 400 runs I wasn’t really trying to go all out, just pace myself. With the box jumps, my plan was to break them up, but once I reached my set of 9 I found a different rhythm, that I actually think if I used that the whole time, I would have been able to bust through them much quicker, and possibly cut out the breaks. With the push press I used 75lbs. I took a break on the set of 15, and another on the 9. The set of 9 I used more arms that explosiveness until Peter reminded me. I just lost focus. In the end, I’m learning and I’m finding ways to be successful.

  2. Time – 7:59
    Today was a very challenging workout. I used a 12″ box for box jumps and a 35lb bar for push presses. Once I got my rhythm down, I was able to pretty easily turn around the box jumps. The push press was the most difficult part for me. Weight wise, I think 35lbs was a good starting point. I do think next time I will try and go with a 16″ box.

  3. Time was 7:49.
    Another good burner. I liked the run at the end as it was a huge mental grind. Jared and I definitely ran about 500m instead of 400 due to our location. I would like to get through the push press unbroken. It is a manageable weight for me, I just let the mental demons win for part of the battle.
    Did yoga at Invoke later in the evening. Great day, enjoying my earned rest day with a light jog.

  4. Since Peter rounded up, I guess I can round up to.
    Rx’ed @95#
    Time: 7:48 (7:47.7)
    As Peter said, we ran about 475-500M since we did this WOD at Veterans Memorial Park and used the pavement as a circular track. Running times were between 1:50-2:00 which is definitely above our 400M pace. Oh well, just go with the flow of the unknown.
    Pretty stoked about this workout since I did the prescribed weight. Push Press didn’t hurt my wrist but cleaning it up to the rack position didn’t feel too hot.
    I thought it was hilarious that Peter and I did this workout back to back. He went first and then I followed and we finished literally 1 second apart. Would have been interesting to do it at the same time and seen how much faster we would have pushed each other. Overall, awesome burner and just gets me more excited to get the doors open.

  5. time: 7:31
    weight: 45lbs
    box jumps: 20″
    always love doing a crossfit work out involving box jumps and push press but my kashi go lean and super spicy thai food from the previous night was really interfering with speedy success today. I stuck with it and was glad I did but it certainly was a challenge :). yay crossfit naptown. this might be my only glimpse of why paleo is a good idea…. as i drank and ate pasta today lol!


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