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  • SWIFT is offered Monday-Saturday, up to 11 times a day
  • SWIFT + Yoga memberships start at $99 / mo.
  • Childcare is available during select classes
  • Pairs great with regular nutrition planning

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Coming up at swift

30:00 AMRAP
100 Double Unders
50 Sit Ups
400m Farmers Carry
30 Weighted Step Ups
20 Slam Ball Over the Shoulder

SWIFT classes are fast, fun, cardio-heavy and high-intensity workouts designed for every body type

Combined strength and cardio

Cardio + Strength
SWIFT workouts combine cardio and strength training with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.

45 Minutes

45-minute classes
SWIFT classes are 45 minutes. That’s about 10 minutes for warmup, 25 for the workout, and 10 for cool-down.

10-20 people

10-20 people per class
The average SWIFT class is about 10-20 people depending on the time and day. Everyone’s friendly!

0-50 lb weights

Use 0-50 pounds
SWIFT is “light to moderate” strength training. Meaning you can use weights from 0 to 50 pounds.

A gym for you, ready at your current fitness level and the next


More membership options are available. Here are some you might be interested in.

What’s in a SWIFT class?

  • While SWIFT is our most common starting point for people new to fitness routines, SWIFT is not a scale down from Strength & Training/CrossFit. It’s just a different style of exercise.
  • SWIFT classes are also affordable with plans starting at around $100 a month.
  • During each class, a highly skilled coach will lead the group through a brief introduction, warmup, and workout. They’ll be watching for proper movement during the workout. This ensures safety, but also maximum results. Coaches will help adjust and scale movements to your needs and abilities. 

“Everyone here is special. I say that all the time, but when you meet the kinds of moms, dads, athletes, kids, seniors, and professionals here, you see how the whole place becomes special.”

Peter Brasovan, co-owner, NapTown Fitness

Are you ready to become faster, fitter, and healthier?

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Frequently Asked Questions about SWIFT

If you’re visiting town or otherwise experienced with high-intensity, cardio-heavy classes, you can drop-in but you must contact us beforehand. We want to make sure you’re safe. You can find a SWIFT class in our Pike13 Scheduler. If you’re new or unsure about the movements, talk to a coach first. The drop-in cost is $15.
Members who have been coming to SWIFT for a while can bring friends if they’re comfortable with the movements. You must contact us 48-hours in advance to talk with a coach first. We have to make sure everyone is safe. The drop-in cost is $15.
Yes! All of our programs are scalable to your current fitness level. Our staff is there to safely introduce you to our fitness programs. 

When you begin, the workouts may look intimidating, but we have scales and variations for each movement depending upon your skill level. We may change the movements, the number of reps or the amount of weight in order to find what works best for you. 

Through consistency and hard work, you will start to notice your body adapts. We commonly hear people say “I have to get in shape before I start at the gym.” This is not true. Come as you are and we will help you start your fitness journey. Get started with a free consultation.
SWIFT classes are 45 minutes instead of 60 at Strength & Training (formerly CrossFit). SWIFT is also open to more membership levels, focuses on body weight and light-to-medium weight accessories like kettlebells and dumbells. SWIFT classes don’t use barbells. You’ll still get a great workout despite the slightly shorter class period, and you’ll walk away glad you came.
Yes. A lot of expectant moms (and expectant coaches!) have done SWIFT workouts through their pregnancies. For pregnant women looking for a workout, we have a lot of experience in scaling movements as your body changes. For instance, push-ups scaled to a box can give your arms and shoulders significant strength training while keeping you off the ground.
No, and it’s entirely for safety – trust us on this one! Talk to a coach if you’re familiar with movements and you can “test out” of Foundations. We want to make sure you know how to handle a kettlebell without hurting your back or wrists. The same with much of our other equipment for your safety and everyone else’s.
Wear comfy shoes and clothes and expect to sweat! You don’t need to bring anything except maybe a water bottle. Water fountains are available in the gym. Some members choose to bring their own jump ropes, mostly out of convenience and precise sizing. And some choose to bring gloves for pullups and other grip-heavy movements. Otherwise, expect that all the equipment you’ll need is provided for you.
You might start feeling better in a week or two. And you’ll see more profound results in about 60-90 days, assuming your diet is in good shape and you come to class at least three times a week. Your mileage will vary, of course, depending on diet and frequency. You can’t, however, outrun a bad diet. Talk to our Nutrition team if you think you might need some guidance.