Watch how member Jerry Stephen uses Strength and Fitness training.

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  • Strength & Fitness is offered Monday-Saturday, currently up to 7x/day
  • Strength & Fitness memberships include SWIFT and Practice Indie Yoga
  • Memberships start at $155 / mo.

Have questions? Check out our FAQ’s below!

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Artie Steven's Memorial WOD:
5 Rounds
:30 Max Thrusters (75/55)
:30 Rest
:30 Max Sit Ups
:30 Rest
:30 Max Box Jumps
:30 Rest
:30 Max Push Press (75/55)
:30 Rest
:30 Max Cal Row
1:30 Rest

You’re guaranteed to meet new friends, get stronger, and build muscle with Strength & Fitness

NapTown Strength & Fitness is the only gym of its kind within 8 miles of Downtown Indianapolis.

NapTown is the only gym in Indiana with three certified Level-3 Trainers on staff. The most of any gym in the state.

Each Strength & Fitness class is 60 minutes. You’ll start with a brief warmup and move through skill work to build strength before going into a full workout.

Strength & Fitness classes at NapTown are currently limited to 10-16 people per class for your health & safety.

Our members become friends who hold you accountable and invest in your success as much as their own.


More membership options are available. Here are some you might be interested in.

CrossFit Barbell Exercise

You owe it to yourself to see what Strength & Fitness can do for your health and wellbeing!

Frequently Asked Questions about NapTown Strength & Fitness

Strength & Fitness workouts change daily and are rarely the same. During the class, a coach will lead you through a warm-up, and then into the day’s scheduled workout. Most days feature some combination of a strength and cardio workout with varying durations. Check the schedule and workouts of the day for more details!
Beyond the general improvements in energy, health, and wellness people experience, the benefits you’ll feel from class will show up in functional movements – movements you perform in the gym that translate into day-to-day work.

For instance, think about carrying multiple bags of groceries or lifting the kids into the car – these all have functional movements from the gym. Lifting the kids feels a lot like a floor press, thruster, or goblet squat. Lifting heavy bags of groceries is the same movement as a farmer’s carry. Performing these movements in the gym makes you less likely to feel pain day-to-day because of poor form or lack of strength or mobility.
Strength & Fitness classes are 60 minutes long and often use barbells and other weightlifting techniques. SWIFT classes are 45 minutes long and use weights, but never barbells.
If you’re brand new to Strength & Fitness or CrossFit-like programming, we like to begin with a Free Consult to get to know you. During this meeting, we will also get you set up with a Coach who will lead you through four one-on-one Foundations Sessions where you’ll learn all of the key movements needed in order to move through class safely. After foundations, you are ready for class OR Personal Training if you enjoy working one-on-one.

For questions regarding Free Consults or Foundations Courses, please contact
Please contact us with any information regarding your experience with training (i.e. how long you did it, which affiliate you attended, any breaks you took, injuries, etc.). From there, we can decide the best way to integrate you into classes at NapTown! We’re asking because we want to make sure people are safe.
Sure! We ask that you contact us ahead of your visit so that we know exactly when we get to meet you! To drop in, we ask that you’re currently a member of another affiliate gym and have been training for at least 6 months. We are asking all athletes to preregister for class in light of COVID-19, so please create a profile and pay online for your class ahead of arriving.
Our facilities are light and barebones compared to commercial chain gyms. We don’t have a pool or a sauna. We also don’t have rows of never-ending treadmills. We use our bodies, slam and wall balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells, assault bikes, ski ergs, and rowers.

We have a small compound at our Downtown location. There you can find yoga, SWIFT workouts, NapTown Nutrition, and our neighbors at Myo Fit Therapy can assist with physical therapy and injury checks. Our Monon location features SWIFT and yoga, all on-site as well.
We use Train Heroic as our tracking software – not only can you see the next day’s workout through this app, but you can track your workouts/scores to better follow your progress over time. If technology is not your thing, a journal works just as well!
YES! All of our programs are scalable to your current fitness level. Our staff is there to safely introduce you to our fitness programs. When you begin, the workouts may look intimidating; however, we have scales/variations for each movement depending upon YOUR skill level. We may change the movements, the number of reps or the amount of weight in order to find what works best for you.

Through consistency and hard work, you will start to notice your body adapts. We commonly hear people say “I have to get in shape before I start at the gym.” This is not true. Come as you are and we will help you start your fitness journey. Reach out to to let our team know what your goals are and we can help guide you to the best program for you.