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Stephen Purpura


Instagram: @stephen_purpura

Continuing Education & Experience

BS in Kinesiology; AED/ CPR; Anti-Racism for Wellness Leaders (a course my wife and I did in June 2020).

Why are you awesome? What do you bring to the table as a Coach?

I have been living in Indianapolis my whole life and care deeply about the holistic wellness of the city. I am determined and focused but also empathetic and welcoming. I love interacting with different individuals and assisting them in reaching their personalized goals. One of my greatest strengths as a coach is to take each member as an individual and mindfully coaching them through whatever they need that day, from scaling and modifications to gentle pushes to increase weight or intensity. Making sure a member feels safe and comfortable is paramount to my coaching style while also promoting hard work, perseverance, and self-efficacy.

Why Fitness and Health?

A common thread in my professional pursuits is “Quality of Life.” I desire to understand and equip each individual that I interact with and assist them in having the opportunities to obtain the highest quality of life for them. Strength and Fitness coaching is the route that has attracted me to this mission. From a member growing in confidence after a PR or challenging workout to the myriad of health benefits shown from exercise and physical activity, the euphoria, struggles, and consistency that are tied to Fitness and Wellness extend past the individual into the greater community as a whole. While fitness coaching has been the primary outlet for this, I also appreciate and value the total components of the member: mental, emotional, physical, and beyond.

Get to know Stephen!

I enjoy spending quality time with my wife (Kirsten) and our dog (Ixtoco) and cat (Azusa). In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, discovering new music, running, and cooking. I am a plant dad and have 40+ house plants.