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Nick Kramer

SWIFT/Personal Trainer/Strength & Fitness


Email: Instagram: @kcinremark

Continuing Education & Experience

CrossFit Level 1

WODmedic Movement Systems Level 1

One Word To Describe Yourself


Name One Subject you are Passionate About

Olympic lifting and helping people improve their Olympic lifting skills because there is always room for improvement.

Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

I started CrossFit at the age of 32 and needed a change in my fitness lifestyle. The consistency of me working out was irregular and I felt like I was always doing the same thing. I tried CrossFit and never looked back. I’m stronger and more fit than I have ever been in my life. It has helped me in so many aspects of life that I even made it part of my career. I not only enjoy getting better each day, but what I enjoy most is helping others accomplish their goals, no matter how big or small they may be.

What I bring to the table!

I always try to bring a lot of energy to each class I coach. I know that everybody has a different story and there is no way for me to know what their day has been like, so I need to make sure that for the next hour I will give them my best effort and make class fun. Along with energy, I try and make class as fun as possible. Sometimes my jokes aren’t always the funniest, but if I can make at least one person laugh, then I am doing my job. Our classes are always going to be successful because of our awesome programming, but energy and humor can make that much better.

Why Fitness and Health?

Working in the fitness industry has changed my life and the way I live it. I workout on a regular basis and make daily life decisions based around my fitness goals. The people that I see on a regular basis all have similar goals and that is what makes this community amazing.