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Meg Ridley

Personal Trainer/SWIFT/Strength & Fitness


Email: Instagram: meggiesue19

Continuing Education & Experience

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

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Name One Subject you are Passionate About

Helping combat the fact that childhood obesity rates in America have tripled in the last thirty years; and today, nearly one in three children in America are overweight or obese.

Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

I am a born and bred Indianapolis native who played Division 1 soccer at Ball State University. I graduated with a degree in exercise science and sport administration. I am now in a profession where I can use my expertise and knowledge to make others healthier and fit!

What I bring to the table!

I have been involved in sport my whole life. Growing up, I fell prey to childhood obesity and used sport to get healthy. I have been on each end of the wellness spectrum and know what it takes to gain control of your life. I am a superhero in training and want nothing but the best for the people around me, and I will stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals!

Why Fitness and Health?

Taking an interest in my own health will allow me to play with my future children and my grandchildren. Investing in being the best version of myself physically, mentally, and emotionally are paramount in living a happy life. Besides, name one superhero that isn’t physically fit and healthy!