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Joe Bertka

SWIFT/Strength & Fitness


Email: Instagram: @cf.joe

Continuing Education & Experience

CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Level 2
CrossFit Scaling

10 Years of Football, Midget-High School
2012 State Powerlifting Meet of Ohio; 12th Place in 195lb Weight Class
2013 State Powerlifting Meet of Ohio; 8th Place in 195lb Weight Class
2014 State Powerlifting Meet of Ohio; 5th Place in 195lb Weight Class

One Word To Describe Yourself


Name One Subject you are Passionate About

Every individual has value and deserves to be loved and invested in; I want to help everyone I come in contact with see their own value and to understand their own self-worth.

Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

I’ve been playing sports my entire life, even making it a priority to give at least one season to every sport that my small highschool had to offer. I found CrossFit my Junior year of High School, as a 210lb lineman and a competitive powerlifter. Through the experience of a little WOD known as FRAN, I did the thrusters as prescribed, but doing only 20 banded pull-ups, I was hooked. My senior year of highschool I organized a MURPH fundraiser for my hometown in Ohio which resulted in about 30 people coming out to complete the workout, the beginning of my coaching career would begin shortly after!

What I bring to the table!

I’m a total people person, I believe that everyone has value and deserves to be invested in and served. I want the one hour that I have with each member to be the best hour of their day, I want you to come in and see a smile that lets you know you’re welcome here and that we want you here.

I love learning and being able to impart my knowledge with others, because I’m always so excited about what I’ve learned that I want everyone else to learn it too! CrossFit has been the best medium for this passion, as I get to continuously learn and teach on a daily basis.

Why Fitness and Health?

CrossFit has helped change my life in a holistic way, I graduated high school weighing 210lbs, i lost 50lbs in the first three months after graduation, as my lifestyle completely changed. Since then ive put about 10lbs back on in muscle, this doesn’t even compare to the mental growth that I’ve experienced through CrossFit. Health and Fitness are the cornerstone for my passion of ultimately curing disease through preventing it in the first place!