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Jess Kluth



Continuing Education & Experience

CF-L2 Trainer

Mobility – Presented by Kelly Starrett

One Word To Describe Yourself


Name One Subject you are Passionate About

The truth about conventional and processed food and what is really healthy.

Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

My life experiences has taught me that positivity and humor is key to surviving the ups and downs of life. I utilize that humor to make people smile and laugh and provide an environment to get away from the stress of the day.

What I bring to the table!

I bring a deep passion to assist people in reaching their goals. I continue to learn more information to be a better coach and mentor. I am able to build a rapport with members creating a level of trust resulting in a healthier lifestyle and improvement in the gym.

Why Fitness and Health?

I have a passion for fitness and health as the result is living a longer, healthier life. No matter what that fitness is for a person, Crossfit, Swift, Yoga, biking, running, etc. The key is to continue to move with good form and eat healthy. And let’s be real, I love the idea that better fitness and health takes dollars away from the pharmaceutical companies that care more about the bottom line then the health of people. Those dollars then stay with the people to do great things with!