Slogan Contest for our Box


We are looking for the best slogan that captures our gym and our city. We want this to be as original as possible. There are 1000′s of CrossFit slogans out there, but we want our own. Coach Jared and I will choose our favorite 3 then let you, the members, vote for the best. Please send your thoughts to

There will be a nice reward to the winner. For more information please ask one of us next time you are in. All slogans must be submitted by end of day Monday November 14. Please let everyone know to get in on this. This is the motto we will live by for a long time, so make it meaningful.


6 thoughts on “Slogan Contest for our Box”

  1. 12:26, felt pretty good, fun to put snatch back in a WOD. row’s felt good, feeling stronger over the last month for sure. Now to keep after this PALEO stuff for another few weeks.

  2. Deadlift – 4×4 @ 79% at 100lbs
    WOD – 25:25
    I RX’d on the Power Snatches but did 15 hand to shoulder pushups and then finished the last 10 on my knees.


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