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NapTown is home to CrossFit, SWIFT, and Yoga. Plus, industry-leading nutrition coaching, personal training, and corporate wellness.

Get started by scheduling a free introductory consultation. This isn’t a workout, it’s just a tour and conversation with one of our coaches about how NapTown can help you make new friends and combat loneliness, improve your physical health, sharpen your mind, and make you feel good about being you.

Up to 40 workouts and yoga classes daily led by world-class coaches

Classes are available most days from 5:30 am to 8 pm. We’re open city-wide seven days a week.

CrossFit is our most popular fitness routine. Classes are 60 minutes and are all about training your body to use movements you do all the time anyway, like pulling, pushing, stepping up stairs, and more.

Members who take part in CrossFit at least 3 times a week always report dramatic results in about two months.

SWIFT is a 45-minute boot camp or high-intensity interval training style session designed by NapTown.

There are more differences between CrossFit and SWIFT.

If you’re ready to start, schedule a Foundations session with a coach.

Coming up at NapTown Strength and Fitness, SWIFT, and Practice Indie Yoga

Coming up at Strength & Fitness

Partner Workout: 6 Rounds 250m Wall Ball Run (both run, alternate who holds ball) 25 Wall Ball Step Overs 25 Calorie Row

Coming up at SWIFT

25:00 AMRAP
Slam Ball Thruster
Calorie Row
Slam Ball Over the Shoulder
Step Back Lunge Thruster

NapTown @ Home

NapTown Park Workout:
25:00 AMRAP
Jumping Air Squats
200m Run

Check today's Practice Indie yoga schedule.

Yoga will help you recover from and prepare for a hard workout. Yoga also improves focus and mobility.

How you feel tomorrow starts with what you eat today

What you eat today has a huge impact on how you feel tomorrow. You can feel energetic, focused, and perform better at work, in life, and at the gym by eating well.

NapTown Nutrition helps companies and individuals with custom diet plans. We use special InBody scans to understand your bodyfat percentage, muscle mass, and precise measurements. 

The whole scan takes about a minute and gives you a plan you can actually use.

Indy’s only complete fitness gym with Practice Indie yoga included

NapTown Fitness is Downtown Indianapolis’ only CrossFit gym, and we’re the only gym in the region with a dedicated yoga studio, Practice Indie, included and on-site.

Memberships at Practice Indie start at $68/mo., with additional options that include SWIFT and CrossFit as part of your practice.

Yoga will help your body recover, protect from injuries and strain, and improve your mental well-being. Find out what else it can do for you.