Personal training and fitness coaching in Indianapolis

NapTown member Chad Woodward speaks about a combination of personalized and group exercises.

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  • One-on-one training offered on your schedule at either of our locations
  • Sessions are $85/hour, with 30, 45, and 60-minute sessions available.
  • You’ll reach your goals faster and beyond your expectations with a personal exercise coach
  • Also available for schools, churches, employers, and other groups at your location
  • Pairs great with regular nutrition planning

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What do I get with personal training that I might not at a Strength & Fitness, SWIFT, or Yoga class?

Coach Joe Bertka

A private exercise coach in a one-on-one session gives you all the benefits you would expect versus a class setting. 

  • Workouts are tailored just to you. That can include routines designed around specific injuries or movements in need of improvement. 
  • Custom warm-up movements and post-exercise mobility routines. 
  • Incredible attention to detail from NapTown coaches looking to ensure every rep, every movement, is on-target every time.

When you train at either of our NapTown Fitness locations, you’ll use all the same equipment and conduct all the same movements in workouts that regular Strength and Fitness, SWIFT, and Yoga classes do. NapTown can provide some equipment at select off-site sessions. An exercise coach will help you review options.

Your workout will take about an hour and include a warm-up period and time to go over movements designed by a coach for you that day.

Workouts designed just for you.

When you begin personal training you’ll also receive an InBody scan. These InBody scans take about a minute and give you pinpoint accuracy on how much muscle mass, body fat, water, and more is in your body, down to the specific limbs. 

Depending on your interests and needs, trainers will use these results to mix in the right amount of physical strength, cardio, and mobility movements. 

Personal training clients with NapTown don’t have to spend hours a day in the gym. We can also meet with you virtually to help you stay accountable. Your coach can improve your life and health in three sessions a week, plus more results when combined with other classes and proper nutrition.

You can also use individual coaching sessions if you have an active routine with Strength and Fitness, SWIFT, and yoga. These sessions can provide measurable performance in your baseline performance. They’ll also improve your form and fitness in regular classes.