Your company can develop a culture of health all while meeting business goals

Any member of the NapTown Nutrition Team can help you get started. There’s no obligation, and you don’t have to be a member of NapTown Fitness to participate.

Get started with Corporate Wellness

  • Offered on-site, online, and at our gyms
  • Membership plans available for a variety of company sizes and needs
  • Visible results in as little as 90 days

Have questions?

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Corporate Wellness Programs have been around in some form or another since 1979. And in those 40 years, many fail to help companies and groups like yours move beyond a hodgepodge of services. NapTown Nutrition is different because we elevate your company’s culture, inspire commitment from everyone involved, and tie your program to your business goals

What’s included

  • InBody biometric scans for every employee
  • On-site coaching and nutrition training
  • SMART goal setting
  • Membership passes for your staff at NapTown Fitness (at most membership levels)
  • Local coaches and nutrition experts available down the street, online, and over the phone

“This showed me I don’t have to be perfect at this, I just have to be better.”

— Casey McFall, EnviroForensics
Casey McFall from EnviroForensics talks about his changes in meal prep, decision-making, raising two kids, and more.

We move beyond step tracking by speaking with everyone and setting per-person goals

Everyone on your team brings different professional skills to work. They also bring different body types, abilities, and needs. We set individual goals that:

  • Go beyond step counting and biometrics like just body weight.
  • Are realistic goals relatable to each person. One person might work toward 10% body fat loss, another a gain of 5 pounds of muscle. Another still might work to kick their smoking habit.
  • Keep people on track beyond their time with NapTown Nutrition and into their next career move.
  • Reduces sick days, lowers insurance costs, and builds a team in a way mandatory picnics, trust falls, and happy hours can’t.

“I lost 1.5% body fat in 6 weeks. And now I know incrementally what steps to do next…”

— Joe Miller, EnviroForensics

Helping in the break room and weight room

Between small changes in the break room and foundations in fitness before or after work, you and your team will see measurable changes in performance and culture.

Healthy eating is the first step toward every health and wellness pursuit. Gradual changes lead to better results without employees feeling the program is punitive or unrealistic. 

NapTown nutritionists and coaches will help employees understand healthy habits, debunk myths, and show the problems that come from supposedly healthy foods and drinks like flavored yogurt, energy bars, and sports drinks.

Memberships to enable your employees to take Strength & Training (formerly CrossFit), SWIFT, and Yoga classes help reduce stress and improve mobility. For most workplaces, this can also mean reduced injury from prolonged sitting. 

Literal team-building exercises. Many employers can benefit from group Strength & Training Foundations, SWIFT Foundations, and introductory Yoga sessions that keep teams together, reduce costs, and enhance mobility.

Healthy habits bring more than health benefits: like lower insurance premiums and top talent retention

The bottom line is a reduction in common risk factors like heart disease, injury, smoking rates, and an increase in positive habits, mood, productivity, and health. Employees will be set up for success with a healthy lifestyle that still allows for occasional drinks with friends and a slice of birthday cake.

Talk to your insurance company about benefits in your medical insurance rates. Life insurance rates may also see positive benefits for your company and employees.

You’ll also have an edge in the hiring process. Retain top talent and recruit new colleagues with the promise of a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.

NapTown Nutrition and NapTown Fitness is regularly above and beyond most other Corporate Wellness Programs. We see better results, higher rates of success, and high retention rates in the gym, kitchen, and workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions about Corporate Wellness Programs with NapTown Nutrition

Yes, three months. Afterwards, you can decide what you’d like to do in continuing, expanding, or cancelling. We’re pretty confident you’ll see good results in 60-90 days.
Yes. Just let us know how you prefer to handle company expenses and we’ll get you what you need.
No problem. They may be some of the biggest beneficiaries of a renewed diet and nutrition program. Depending on your company’s size, we can accommodate individual planning for new moms, moms to be, vegetarians, vegans, allergies, and a host of other personal plans.
That is not an uncommon problem. We have good success by talking to people in a no-obligation intro session to address all their concerns and questions. Some employers have more success by offering financial incentives. Discounts on health insurance policies are a big benefit that many employers just pass along from their insurer.