9 thoughts on “No more 5k runs until spring! Let's AMRAP”

  1. Press 145lbs 4×6
    4 rounds and 1 CJ
    The CJ’s were much harder than expected. When I started to use the split jerk and a controlled drop, I was able to start making it through the CJ’s faster.

  2. Press
    6×4 @25 lbs. – Focused on technique, but clearly need improvement in weight capacity
    8 Min AMRAP- 5 rounds – 3xC+J @35 lbs.
    Feeling discomfort in my right shoulder. Overall enjoyed the workout!

  3. started with 5×5 at 165 and after completing the first round, i didn’t feel as if i could continue with that weight so i dropped to 75% for 3 more sets of 6 @ 150#. needed help locking out last rep on last set
    7 rounds as rx’d: 185# CL + J
    suspended ring rows 9, 5, 5


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