Weekly Programming Preview : 11/30-12/6

Monday:getting the week going with another strength test to see where we are at in our Olympic lifting after Thanksgiving day! We will close today out with a DB couplet. Tuesday:spending Giving Tuesday with a NapTown tradition, the Artie Stevens Memorial workout. We have made a few modifications to this interval workout this year to … Read more

Giving Tuesday / Artie Stevens Memorial Workout

On Tuesday, December 1st, we will continue our annual tradition of performing a memorial workout for OG NapTown member Artie Stevens in all of our fitness classes. This workout takes place each year on the nationally recognized “Giving Tuesday”. Artie Stevens was the owner of Artie’s On The Go, Artie’s On Central, and Indy’s Kitchen, … Read more

Weekly Programming Preview : 11/23-11/27

Monday:getting our week started with the Fall Full Body Challenge baseline retest! We did this workout on November 2nd and are retesting it again today to see if you have improved in the last few weeks. We will close the day out with some gymnastics skill work to close things out. Tuesday:starting your Tuesday out … Read more

Late Cancelations + Using the Wait List

Starting TOMORROW, we are reinstating late cancelation fees for our morning fitness classes. We are implementing this in order to avoid empty squares in the morning, when there are athletes on the wait list that would love to be in class! Athletes need to cancel their registration no later than 9 hours before class starts … Read more

Weekly Programming Preview : 11/16-11/21

Monday:getting our week started with a bit of unilateral accessory work, focusing on smaller muscle groups and balancing out our sides. We will finish the day out with a spicy interval piece featuring thrusters and the jump rope. Tuesday:after a quicker sprint workout to get the week going, we will be spending our Tuesday with … Read more

Weekly Programming Preview : 11/9-11/14

Monday:getting our week going with a. bit of barbell strength work. We will be working from the racks today on a shoulder to overhead movement to mix things up from what we have been doing. We will close the day out with a couplet that is a retest of the first workout from the 2019 … Read more

Farewell from Coach Hudson

Hey team! 

Some bittersweet news to share – I have resigned from NapTown effective end of day Friday, November 6th to start my own business. I will continue to work towards a similar mission of NapTown Fitness, by helping improve the health of individuals, and I hope to continue changing people’s lives through nutrition coaching and personal training. 

The decision was very difficult; I’ve been consumed in this gym and it’s community since relocating to Indiana in 2013, however I feel that this is the best path forward for me to continue to grow both personally and professionally.

This will be the end of my time as an employee of NapTown, but it’s definitely not the end of taking classes or being part of such an amazing community. Should you want to get in touch, my personal email is hwikoff4@gmail.com.

See you soon!

Coach Hudson

Weekly Programming Preview : 11/2-11/8

Monday:starting our week off with the Fall Full Body Challenge baseline test. This will be an interval workout with max reps for four different movements and rest between rounds. We will finish the day out with a bit of accessory work to close the day out. Tuesday:getting into split jerk technique as your first piece … Read more

Weekly Programming Preview : 10/25-10/31

Monday:starting our week off with a strength piece, building as heavy as we can with a single thruster. We will move from this into a triplet with running, light thrusters, and pull up work. Tuesday:spending our Tuesday working on strength and speed with a bench press variation before diving into an intense interval piece. Your … Read more

2020 FFBC – Details + Sign Up Info

The Fall Full Body Challenge is BACK and in an all-new format!This mindfulness and habit-forming challenge is great on its own, and it also pairs nicely with our 21×3 Fitness Challenge. If consistent sleep, hydration, and time outdoors sounds appealing, read on for more information and to sign up. What’s New for 2020?If you’ve┬áparticipated in … Read more