Endurance cardio workouts at NapTown MOVE!

Join us every Sunday for MOVE! We take a break from our regularly scheduled Strength & Fitness and SWIFT programming to bring you a challenging day of “active rest”.

MOVE is open to all membership levels and takes place at our 922 N. Capitol location. Drop-in policies still apply, and as an added bonus, workouts are not published in advance. Can you keep MOVE-ing?!

45 Minutes

Classes are 45 minutes and still include a warm-up period, but MOVE classes are designed for athletes looking for a little extra challenge. The workout portion of a MOVE class is regularly 30 minutes.

Most classes are 15-30 people. The movements built into a MOVE class are equally scalable for all body types and some injuries. No scores are kept. The whole point of MOVE is right in the name: to keep moving without stopping.

100% Max Effort

The workouts in MOVE are heavy on cardio, rarely include much if any built-in rest, and are slightly longer than most Strength & Training/CrossFit or SWIFT workouts.