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NapTown @ Home. Details here.

NapTown @ Home

Check today's Practice Indie yoga schedule.

Yoga will help you recover from and prepare for a hard workout. Yoga also improves focus and mobility.

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  • NapTown @ Home workouts include personal training, nutrition coaching, and more. Contact us with questions.
  • NapTown Fitness continues to flatten the curve. News on re-opening our facilities for in-person classes will come from the City of Indianapolis when it’s safe to do so.

The latest from NapTown Fitness

  • NapTown @ Home 5/27/20 Part 1 & Part 2: Part 1: 10:00 EMOM:100m Run OR :20-:30 Row/Bike/etc Part 2: 12:00 AMRAP:20 Plate Jumps20 Plate Sit Ups20 Mountain Climbers:20 Plank Hold Today's workout has two pieces, a 10:00 EMOM of short sprint intervals and a 12:00 AMRAP of a four different movements with light to no weight. Check out … Read more
  • NapTown @ Home 5/26/20 Part 1 & Part 2: Part 1: 10:00 AMRAP:5 Deadlifts/10 Bridges5 Power Cleans/Broad Jumps5 Push Press/Piked Push Ups Part 2: 21-15-9-15-21DB Clean and Jerk/Get Up Get DownsBurpees Today's has two pieces, a strength and skill piece to start followed by a quick couplet to close things out! The left side of both workouts is … Read more
  • NapTown @ Home 5/25/20 Murph Option 1: 1 Mile Run100 Rows/Pull Ups200 Push Ups300 Air Squats1 Mile Run**partition middle section as needed Option 2: 1 Mile Run100 Push Ups200 Sit Ups300 Air Squats1 Mile Run**partition middle section as needed Today's workout is a long hero workout in honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. It is incredibly difficult and … Read more

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