Coming up at NapTown Strength & Fitness, SWIFT, and Practice Indie Yoga

Strength & Fitness

Part 1:
Double Alternating TABATA
:20 Work/:10 Rest x 32
KB Swings
Step Ups

5:00 Rest

Part 2:
Double Alternating TABATA
:20 Work/:10 Rest x 32
Toes 2 Bar
Air Squats


3 Rounds
10 Z Press L/R
:20 L-Sit Hold

5 Rounds
20 L-Sit Flutter Kicks
15 Superman
10 Weighted Step Ups

NapTown @ Home

Warm Up:
4 Rounds
:15 Plank
10 Shoulder Taps
3 Scorpions L/R
:15 Squat Hold
10 Lunges
3 Groiners/Cossack Squats L/R

3 Rounds
10 Z Press L/R OR 5-10 Pike Push Ups
:20 L-Sit Hold

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Check today's Practice Indie yoga schedule.

Yoga will help you recover from and prepare for a hard workout. Yoga also improves focus and mobility.

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