NapTown Longevity is accessible fitness for older adults looking to stay fit and defy aging

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  • Longevity is offered 6 times a week at 922 N Capitol
  • Designed for mature adults age 50+
  • Younger adults with advanced mobility and other ailments can attend, too, after talking with a coach

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Ph: 317-632-8820

NapTown Longevity lets you start a fitness routine or extend your existing practice

Designed for adults age 50+
With some exceptions depending on overall health and mobility for younger people.

Each class is 45 minutes
That’s 15 minutes for a warm-up, about 20 minutes for a workout, and 10 minutes for a cool-down.

15 people or fewer

Most classes are 10-15 people
You’ll get experienced coaching to help you scale or adjust movements for your body.

“You never feel failure here. We lose confidence as we age, but certainly, you can do it…ditch the scales, and learn about feeding yourself good stuff.”

— Jill, 76 years young
CrossFit at 76 with Jill, who talks about her experience with Nutrition, Longevity, and NapTown

Gym classes for mature adults ready to defy tired stereotypes about aging

Many of the most talented athletes who regularly come to NapTown are not the twenty-and-thirty-somethings. They’re the 40-and-50-somethings. The experience that comes with time has given them the ability to lift more, move longer, and control their bodies. 

  • Mature adults age 50+ can defy the tired stereotypes of aging
  • Continue or begin to work out hard, exercise vigorously, and improve your mobility.
  • All of our yoga, Strength & Fitness, and SWIFT classes are accessible to anyone of any age. But NapTown Longevity is a course taught exclusivelly for seniors and mature adults.

“Longevity is my favorite class to coach. I see more progress and success from Longevity sessions than just about any other group.”

— Coach Johnnie
Coach Johnnie Mae Martin
Coach Johnnie leads NapTown Longevity

Frequently Asked Questions about NapTown Longevity

Yes. Many of our Longevity classmates bounce in and out of other classes at NapTown, some have for years, some just started, and some only attend Longevity. The benefits of exercise on our bodies are well known, but exercise in later adult years can come with changes. Mature adults have just had more time to accrue a back injury, or joint stiffness, or just can’t move as fast as they used to. These are natural occurrences, and NapTown Longevity is a fitness regimen designed with these ideas in mind.
You can still do many movements or alter movements to avoid aggravating old injuries. Maybe that means using lighter weight on one arm than the other. Maybe that means instead of high-impact running you do more low-impact biking so you get the same stimulus for your heart.
We’re not physicians, so it’s a good idea to consult a physician if you’re unsure about your heart health, mobility, joints, or other issues. Let us know what your doctor says and we can make sure your workouts are tailored to your needs.
Probably not 5 miles. Maybe not even a mile, but you know what: you know your body. Maybe you can do some running, but have to alternate with a bike or rower. Maybe you can do some squats or pushups, but have to alternate to lighter weight or use other accessories as the workout progresses. You can’t allow yourself to not do any exercise because you can’t do some exercise some of the time. We can help improve and maintain your health with Longevity.