Accessible fitness for adults looking to prolong their active years

See what NapTown Longevity is all about in 37 seconds

Our Longevity members are defying tired stereotypes about aging.

Many of the most talented athletes who regularly come to NapTown are not the twenty-and-thirty-somethings… they’re the 50-somethings! In this program, you will move with vigor, be challenged in your exercise routine, and improve your mobility.

NapTown Longevity lets you start a fitness routine or extend your existing practice

Designed for adults age 50+
With some exceptions depending on overall health and mobility for younger people.

Each class is 45 minutes
That’s 15 minutes for a warm-up, about 20 minutes for a workout, and 10 minutes for a cool-down.

15 people or fewer

Most classes are 10-15 people
You’ll get experienced coaching to help you scale or adjust movements for your body.

“You never feel failure here. We lose confidence as we age, but certainly, you can do it…ditch the scales, and learn about feeding yourself good stuff.”

— Jill, 76 years young
CrossFit at 76 with Jill, who talks about her experience with Nutrition, Longevity, and NapTown

Frequently Asked Questions about NapTown Longevity

Yes. Many of our Longevity classmates bounce in and out of other classes at NapTown, and some only attend Longevity. Mature adults simply have had more time to accrue things like a back injury, lessened flexibility, or joint stiffness, and we design our programming with these things in mind.
We’re not physicians, so it’s a good idea to consult a physician if you’re unsure about your heart health, mobility, joints, or other issues. Let us know what your doctor says and we can make sure your workouts are tailored to your needs.
You can still do many movements or alter movements to avoid aggravating old injuries. Maybe that means using lighter weight on one arm than the other. We will work TOGETHER to make adjustments that make sense for you!
While you won’t see a 5 mile run as the workout of the day, you know your body. Maybe you can do some elements of the programming as is, but will want to modify others. We’ll help you balance challenging yourself and building strength, while also being mindful of your individual concerns.
Email Coach Johnnie to set up a short introduction to the program, to discuss your fitness goals, and to learn about our special Longevity membership and its perks!