Kids & Teen camps, workouts, and weightlifting

More than just adult fitness scaled down for kids

  • We help kids learn safe and efficient movements. Even kids can get injured or hurt in day-to-day activities. We help them think about good form.
  • We will not hand your child weights before she/he is ready and we will not yell at her/him to squat deeper, lift heavier, and so on. Instead, we focus on age-appropriate exercises and skills, rather than attempting to teach every movement exactly as an adult would learn it. 
  • Host birthday parties, before/after school clubs, and on-site preschool programs. Contact us to inquire.
  • The points of performance for children are different than those for adults, so please do not coach them from the sidelines. We do, however, welcome supportive cheering and observation, especially if your child is under the age of five!
  • We watch your kiddos while you get a workout in and also offer classes and camps to help your kids learn to love fitness like you. We’ve got programs for all ages of NapTown Kids!

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