11 thoughts on “Keep Runnin, Runnin”

  1. Beautiful day for a 5K! One of our last chances to get outside and run!
    Ran at an easy pace, but will definitely re-run this route before it gets freezing cold out.
    Time- 24:00
    Shooting for under 22 minutes next time.

  2. I had a rather productive morning. Got my first WOD in at 7:30am then the 5k at 9am. 23:26, the route might be a little bit long, but fun to get a short distance under my legs as a 2nd workout in the morning.

    At one point I spaced out and almost forgot why I was running…is this for pleasure? am I trying to catch up to someone? am I running from the cops?
    another time I just started talking to myself…just keep moving, just keep moving, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming…
    ugh, I did finished without walking so I am happy about that


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