Get an accurate snapshot of yourself with InBody scans at NapTown

An InBody scan gives you a useful measurement of your body’s overall muscle, fat, and water composition. These scans go far beyond what ordinary in-home bathroom scales measure. InBody scans are available annually to every NapTown member, and other programs and membership levels can receive more frequent measurements.

Get an InBody Scan

  • Available for free once a year at most membership levels
  • Available for non-members or by request for $20
  • The entire scan + consultation takes about 15 minutes

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Non-members and guests can get a scan for $20. Contact us to schedule a time.

What does an InBody scan show?

The body composition test measures:

  • % Body Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Water Weight
  • Body Weight

The results are printed on a sheet and are recorded in the machine based on your phone number. This lets you re-scan later and will graph changes over time.

How accurate is an InBody scan?

The body is always in flux, and factors can adjust your scan. If you consume a lot of water today, eat a heavy meal, or do a workout right before your scan, you’ll get different results.

We recommend waiting at least 3 hours after eating, exercising, or consuming a lot of water before doing a scan.

How does an InBody scan work?

The only thing you have to do is remove your shoes and socks, stand on the scanner’s platform, and quietly hold two wands in each arm.

A coach will walk you through it at the time of the scan. The scan itself takes about a minute. Your whole session with a coach to discuss your results can be done in about 10-15 minutes.

Measurable results with bioelectrical impedance analysis

The InBody uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). By sending low-level currents of electricity through your feet and hands, the InBody can measure how much water is held in the cells of your body. Thus why any dramatic short-term changes in your body’s water composition can cause some fluctuations. 

The amount of electricity used in a scan is so minimal you can’t feel anything. But, for safety, pregnant women should not use the InBody scanner. Additionally, women who are menstruating may find different InBody results before, during, and after their periods because of changes in water content. It’s best to scan in the first 14 days of your cycle, if possible.

Frequently asked questions about InBody scans

While you’re exercising, water is concentrated in the muscles you’re working to remove cellular waste. This is why you look leaner after you train. It also increases your body temperature, which will result in a lower body fat percentage.
InBody scans show body fat, muscle mass, and body weight in percents and pounds. In addition, scans will show you these measurements in all of your limbs, trunk (chest, back, and belly), and overall. This provides you a printed guide to fitness that ensures your left and right sides stay close to each other in strength. It also give you a way to track progress in specific parts of your body over time.

Using BIA, the scans can help your understand “C” and “D” curves that are signs your body is on track for healthy, lean mass. It can also show surprising results for different body types. People who appear thin or not “overweight” may have a dangerously high amount of fat attached to their organs. People who are losing weight may be losing more in lean muscle than in body fat. And a person’s weight may not be their ultimate goal. A NapTown coach can discuss these findings with you at your scan.
InBody scans are available to all NapTown members at Elite levels and higher once a year. Some membership levels and NapTown Nutrition programs include additional measurements.

A drop-in scan is $25.
Losing weight isn’t always ideal. For most everyone, we want to increase the amount of lean muscle mass in the body and reduce body fat. A person’s health is best measured by how all of this data coincides with each other. 
It’s much easier to understand what your body needs when you have measurements to understand where you are. If you’re losing muscle mass, a NapTown coach may recommend you eat more protein. If your non-dominant arm is more than 10% less muscle than your dominant arm, you may need to adjust your workouts to include heavier weights on one side. Increasing weight choices in Strength & Fitness or SWIFT classes can be another useful way to increase muscle mass.

A NapTown coach can walk you through the results sheet of a scan. The differences in scan data are nearly as limitless as individuals.

The most significant way to change your InBody results is to adjust your nutrition and diet. You can check out options for nutrition coaching with NapTown nutrition for more help.