Which of the following best describes you right now?

I have never worked out much or at all, but I’m interested in starting

Today’s the day, then! We’ve got a bunch of options. Truthfully, your best option is to schedule a free introduction. We can show you everything about CrossFit, SWIFT, Yoga, Nutrition, Personal Training, and more.

I’m new to Indy and have been an active member in CrossFit-affiliated gyms for years

Welcome! You’ll most likely want to jump back in with CrossFit. All CrossFit memberships include SWIFT and Yoga. Contact a coach or start with a Foundations course, which you can “test out” of.

I like the idea of starting or picking-up a yoga practice

You’ll love Practice Indie. They have yoga-only memberships and memberships that include SWIFT.

I have a severe mobility issue or injury, or have just recovered, and want to start exercising

There are several possibilities. You could benefit from SWIFT + Yoga memberships. Or, depending on your level of mobility, Longevity might be a great fit. We suggest you talk to a coach first. Alternatively, you can schedule a time to come in.

I’m over 50 years old and want to workout more, or start

Longevity is designed just for you. It’s for mature adults over the age of 50.

I’ve worked out in the past or was an athlete and I want to start again.

You may benefit from CrossFit, SWIFT, and Yoga depending on your style. We recommend starting an intro session. We can understand more and you can see all of your options, no risk or commitment required.

I’m a current member or workout regularly and want some extra help or direction

It might be time for some personal training. We recommend talking to a coach.

None of these describe me.

There are a million more reasons a person gets started on their fitness journey beyond just these basic questions. We’d love to hear more about your reasons. We suggest you contact us. Alternatively, you can schedule a time to come in.