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Join Us! Chicken Round-Up at Tyner Pond Farm

Do you know where your food comes from? Are you craving a unique bonding experience with your NapTown family? A chicken round-up is exactly what it sounds like – Team NapTown is working together to catch anywhere from 600-1000 chickens over the course of two

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Weekly Programming Preview : 7/6/20-7/12/20

Monday: starting our week off with a bit of time on the pull up rig with some skill and core work before moving into your workout for the day. We will be taking on a couplet of running and squats in a spicy AMRAP. Tuesday:

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Marion County Public Health Order: What it means for NapTown

In accordance with the Marion County Public Health Order, beginning July 9 all persons at a NapTown Fitness facility will be required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering/leaving the building as well as anytime one is outside the personal 8×10 areas. Based on

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Weekly Programming Preview : 6/29/20-7/5/20

Monday: starting our week off with a bit of strength work on the snatch and overhead squat before getting into quick intervals with the bike and barbell together. Tuesday: getting back on the rig today for anyone who is comfortable with it! We will be

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NapTown Rebranding: Phase 1

In our effort to continue to be a transparent organization we want to take the time to communicate to our staff, to our members, and to the community at large.  Given recent events, we are working on changing the name “CrossFit” on our Pike 13

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