5 thoughts on “Barbell Work”

  1. Time – 7:33
    I am a big fan of this workout. Straight and to the point. I used a 45lb bar for the Front Squats and Push Presses and a 14in box for the Box Jumps. The bar was perfect weight wise, but I could probably use a 16in box for the box jumps. Overall, I was happy with my time and the effort I put forth. My form is getting better and better with each workout along with my ROM.

  2. Scaled this workout. Still cautious with going to heavy on my wrists. It will still be a few more weeks til I attempt an Rx’ed barbell workout.
    Used 95#, but wore the 25# vests in order to add the extra weight for the front squats. The west vests certainly added a new dynamic to the workout that I wasn’t expecting as 20′ box jumps become a bit more intense. I started feeling a lot of press on my traps from the added weight.
    Tough to keep moving through this one with a quick breather or two. Thought it was a solid workout.
    Time- 8:43

    • I like the workout gonna give a it a hit after my flight tonight I’ll post up my time. Pete I’m gonna agree whenever you go after a heavy weight 90% of it is the mental once you conquer that then there is not stopping.

  3. I always like the WODs that make me battle my mind.
    Time was 9:01 at 135lbs
    I had to remind myself I could handle that weight and not let it get the better of me. Need to stay more mentally tough moving forward.

  4. Round 1 1:25:23
    Round 2 1:59:07
    Round 3 2:16:83
    Round 4 2:30:57
    Round 5 2:15:38
    Total 10:27:08
    I used 95lbs, which is an increase in 20lbs from last week. My range of motion is still pretty weak due to my knee. I think the squats were the hardest. I made up a lot of time during the box jumps. In the end, I really like this workout, and I think after looking back, I might be able to cut out some time.


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