NapTown @ Home 5/22/20

Part 1 & Part 2: Part 1: 12:00 Alternating EMOM :45 Wall Sit :45 Handstand Hold Part 2: TABATA 8 Rounds of :20 work/:10 rest: Thrusters/Jumping Air Squats 1:00 Rest Weighted Sit Up/Sit Up 1:00 Rest Handstand Push Up Today’s workout is a series of TABATA intervals after a skill piece working on leg strength … Read more

NapTown @ Home 5/21/20

24:00 AMRAP: Bodyweight: Max Burpee Step Ups Every 3:00 200m Run 20 Pistols Weighted: Max Devil’s Press Every 3:00 200m Run 20 Pistols Today’s workout is a 24:00 AMRAP with work to do every 3:00 including the start of the workout. The goal is for that run and pistol work to take about 2:00, leaving … Read more

NapTown @ Home 5/18/20

For Time: Bodyweight: 30-20-10-20-30 Push Ups Air Squats Lateral Hops Weighted: 30-20-10-20-30 Floor Press Lateral Goblet Squats Hops Over Weight Today’s workout will begin with a little core and shoulder activation before moving into the workout above. Watch the video for details on the skill work or join a live class! For the workout, you … Read more