16 thoughts on “"Annie" another Lady Benchmark WOD”

  1. I was too tired to remember to look at my time, but did it as Rx’d! Can’t wait to get in shape and shave a couple minutes off.

  2. 11:39
    Still working on d/u’s, so coaches let me modify them to 30-20-10-10-10. [Sit-ups unmodified]
    Loved skinning the cat. You boys have such cool toys.

  3. Having issues with my left shoulder from this weekend’s workout. Taking an easy all week on all overhead movements.
    Rowed 5000 Meters
    Time- 18:22.00

  4. I think I was 10:48
    Those double unders did me in I have to work on those seeing as how I only did 25-20-15-10…but I did all my sit ups


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