Triple Crown Recap

First Annual NapTown Triple Crown

Over the weekend, we hosted our first ever Triple Crown event. It was a three day competition with workouts that tested a wide variety of skills and was held at a different NapTown location each day of the weekend. We cannot thank our community enough for helping us to put on this event. Without your participation, this would obviously not be possible. Thank you for believing in this event and helping us to make it great. Let’s get on to the recap of the weekend.

Day 1: Endurance Events at Monon

We had 24 men and 1women compete in endurance based events using assault bikes, jump ropes, rowers, and good ole’ fashioned shuttle runs! At the end of 2 events and 3 scores the leaderboard stood as follows:




The calm before the storm!

                                                            The calm before the storm!


We had some incredible performances including over 1500 meters pulled by Mitchell Kessler in Event 2 and Coach Jen Hurst participating in the entire day while 9 months pregnant. People headed home fairly late on Friday night, went straight to bed and woke up Saturday ready to tackle the barbell.


Day 2: CrossFit and Barbell Events at Delaware:

We had 25 men and 22 ladies compete on Saturday. The day began with a spotlight event on a 1 rep max front squat with PRs flying up left and right! The energy was incredible all day long. We had tons of SWIFTers smash weight on the barbell all day long despite their limited experience. It was a great day for stepping outside of one’s comfort zone and everyone rose to the occasion. People left the day fairly sore but happy to have worked their tails off for a second day in a row.



Barbells and weights just ready to be tossed around

Barbells and weights just waiting to be tossed around



Day 3: Balance/Yoga and Bodyweight Tests at Capitol

Our final day of competition featured 22 men and 23 ladies at the Capitol location. They took part in an old school sit and reach test, stood on one foot with blindfolds, and moved their own body weight in all sorts of ways. This day had the most scores and the largest margin for error. Those with consistent performances were rewarded and those with a little slip up noticed it. The leaderboard on Sunday stood as follows with tons of great performances in the wide array of events.







2016 NapTown Triple Crown Final Leaderboard:

We had a total of 30 brave souls (16 men and 14 women) who participated in all three days of competition. We are so proud of everyone who came out, but especially these inspiring people who came out every day. Here is the spreadsheet of those athletes and the final podium stood like this after three days:

3rd place: Jane McGill, 2nd place: Marilee Tullis, 1st place: Liz Howerth

3rd place: Jane McGill, 2nd place: Marilee Tullis, 1st place: Liz Howerth


3rd place: Casey Pierce, 2nd place: Josh Dials, 1st place: Jacob Davidson

3rd place: Casey Pierce, 2nd place: Josh Dials, 1st place: Jacob Davidson


Everyone had a great attitude all weekend long, never upset to wait a few minutes for scores or to be a few minutes behind in the heat schedule, everyone was quick to grab a clip board to help with judging and were always loud and supportive as spectators. It was by far our favorite competition that we have hosted to date and are incredibly excited to start making plans for the 2017 edition. Thank you for participating and making this weekend well worth out efforts to put it on! We are so grateful for this community and are proud to watch as it continues to grow and flourish!

Time to start prepping for 2017….