Kendra Goranson

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  • Category: Barbell / CrossFit / Full-time / SWIFT

Kendra Goranson
Member Service Director
Foundations Director, Lead Coach, & Personal Trainer

Continuing Education & Experience

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Camps / Clinics:
Naptown Leadership Program

One Word To Describe Yourself


Name One Subject you are Passionate About

Listening to understand not listening to respond.

Why I am AWESOME! (Self brag)

Sometimes I can be a bit yappy but I just really enjoy being around people. I believe there is always something to learn from everyone you meet. I (like most of the awesome staff) grew up playing sports and being active

What I bring to the table!

Curiosity. I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge. There is infinite amount of knowledge and no possible way to learn it over night. I also might have some crossfit experience too.

Why Fitness and Health?

You only get one body; take care of it!