What should I be eating?

Real food! Cutting out processed foods is a great starting place for improving your nutritional health. Shop the perimeter of grocery stores and stock up on things that will fuel you for the day and tough workouts; nuts, seeds, lean meat, fresh produce. This isn’t a diet, it’s choosing to live a healthier lifestyle than what mainstream has taught us.

How can I eat a healthy diet and still make my favorite dishes and desserts?

There will be a number of “staple” food dishes that you will have to learn to live without or make modifications to in order to make it a healthier option. Giving up pasta, bread, refined sugar and dairy altogether is very challenging so go at a pace that serves you for long-term success because again, this is not a diet it is changing habits for life! Live your life; if you have a slip up, don’t beat yourself up over it!

Can I still eat out?

Most places are going to have some healthy options. Be sure to focus on a good, quality protein source and pair it with a side of vegetables, fruit, or a side salad. When ordering salads, ask for a vinaigrette on the side instead of a creamy dressing.

What about alcohol?

Obviously, alcohol in excess is not healthy. Cutting out alcohol completely is the best option if you are trying to optimize your athletic performance during workouts. If doing away with alcohol altogether doesn’t sound like a long-lasting option, stick to moderation.

What should I feed my kids?

The same real foods you are eating. Set the good example and stand firm in your belief that whole foods are healthier for your kids.

How can meal planning really help me reach my goals?

What’s that saying “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” This is so true! By having your week planned, it leaves less room for you to stray because you are in a hurry and couldn’t whip up a nutritious meal on the fly. Get a plan, do some prep and see how that changes your week.