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We are very excited to announce that we have partnered up with RZ1 Nutrition and will be offering a Nutrition Program for NapTown members.  This program will focus on a macronutrient based dieting science that has been taking the fitness industry by storm, often referred to as Macros Based Dieting, or Macros.

If you have taken the NapTown CF Foundations course in the last 6 months then you have probably heard a coach speak about the importance of Nutrition.  All to often we see clients perform well in class, but then hear the horror stories of what they are putting in their bodies throughout the rest of the day.   Nutrition is the foundation of our overall health and we need to take that seriously.


It has been our goal at NapTown to provide a service for those who need “help” dialing in on the Nutrition aspect of fitness.  There are so many diets and opinions that you can walk away with your head spinning.  That’s why we are teaming up with the experts of RZ1 Nutrition .

Jesse Dale has been working with Nutrition based clients for over 20 years and has assembled an amazing team.  This team will help you reach your Nutrition goals… as long as you put in the work!

How do I go about signing up?
Step 1: Email Coach Jared at and then he will refer you to the RZ1 Nutrition Team.
Step 2: You will receive an email from the RZ1 Nutrition Staff to set up a consultation to learn more about the program.
Step 3: At the in-person consultation you can ask all the questions you may have, and then choose to sign up or, not. There is no pressure to purchase a plan from the RZ1 Nutrition program.


What is Macronutrient Based Dieting?
Simply put… You will be counting and weighing every Carbohydrate, Protein, and Fat you put in your body!
Needs: Food scale and a system to track your Macros.
Apple I-Phone recommendation = My Macros +
Android recommendation = My Fitness Pal



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Level 1:
“The Product”: Assessment and Macro Formulation
Cost = $150
Defined as individuals who only seek RZ1 to be assessed and have Macros Formulated.
(For those who will figure it out on their own and have an understanding of the Macro based lifestyle)

• One Assessment to specific goals
• Initial formulation to specific goals
• Access to RZ1 Nutrition Facebook Page – 30 Days

**NOTE: Reformulations, expansion, and reverse dieting integration is not included in this plan


Level 2: Best Seller
“The Plan”: Assessment/Macro Formulation/Accountability/ Guidance
Cost = $119/month (4 Month Commitment)
Renews at $59/month

• 4 month plan
• Monthly Assessments/Body analysis
• Initial formulation to specific goals
• Monthly re-formulations (as needed)
• Daily Email Correspondence
• Access to RZ1 Nutrition Facebook Page (recipes, community, etc)
• 2 Example meal plans based off foods you enjoy