About NapTown Kids

What we are:

We are a CrossFit Kids and weightlifting program striving to help kids and teens implement good movement patterns and learn functional movements. We make fitness fun with games, encouragement, kindness, and positivity! When correcting movement flaws and any other issues, we make generalized statements reminding everyone to keep the points of performance in mind, avoiding calling out specific children unless there is a question of safety. We want your kids to grow as athletes and good humans through our CrossFit Kids classes and can’t wait to see all that they accomplish with us. Our goal is for them to feel strong and capable and to know they have incredible potential.

What we are not:

We are not a CrossFit program that is simply a scaled down version of the adult programming. We help the kids learn to move safely and efficiently, with good form as the main focus. We will not hand your child weights before she/he is ready and we will not yell at her/him to squat deeper, lift heavier, etc. We will focus on developmentally appropriate movements and skills, rather than attempting to teach every CrossFit movement exactly as an adult would learn it. The points of performance for children differ than those for adults, so please do not coach them from the sidelines. We do, however, welcome supportive cheering and observation, especially if your child is under the age of five!

Hillary | NapTown Kids Director | Head Coach

Meet Hillary! Hillary has worked with kids since she was old enough to enroll in the Safe Sitter course. From coaching gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading to being a summer camp counselor to teaching preschool, she has always been super passionate about helping kids become the best versions of themselves! Hillary majored in Human Biology at Indiana University, with a minor in Chemistry, wanting to pursue a career in healthcare. After dealing with constant illness due to food sensitivities and lack of exercise, she changed her life through nutrition and CrossFit and decided to make a career in preventative healthcare. She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and took both the CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids seminars. She started the NapTown Kids program in 2017 and it’s been steadily growing ever since! “I absolutely love watching the kids become stronger, more coordinated, and more confident that they can do anything! I can’t wait to see how many lives we can change through CrossFit Kids in Indy!”

Jacquie | NapTown Kids Coach

Meet Jacquie! From being a nanny, volunteering at various kid’s camps, and working as a Behavior Technician with kids with Autism, Jacquie loves being a part of the puzzle that helps each kid grow and live life to the fullest. She graduated from IUPUI with a degree in Health Science, with a certificate in Rehabilitation and Disability studies. Jacquie started CrossFit looking for a way to improve her physical health, but CrossFit has given her so much more including confidence and a supportive community. She has completed both the CrossFit Level 1 and USA Weightlifting Level 1 seminars.