Isaac A-When I first looked into CrossFit, I thought it wasn’t for me. Everything you find on Youtube is full of ripped, heavily-tattooed folks. From the start, it seemed unapproachableā€”like you can’t even join unless you look like a Greek god.

But after nearly a year at CrossFit Naptown, I have to say that Peter and Jared are onto something special. What these guys are building seems more fitting of Indianapolis and it’s fun to be a part of. There’s a wonderful sense of community in this box that sets it aside from the aforementioned gym culture of meatheads, bros and so on.

Yes I’ve lost weight. Yes, I’ve gotten stronger and am in the best shape of my life. But the best part of my CrossFit Naptown experience has been wanting to come back again and again. It’s never stale and I always feel welcome. Whether I’m in the best shape of my life or have enjoyed too much pizza and beer throughout the week, I can come in, put in a fun hour of work and go home exhausted. Perfect!

If you’re interested in something new and fun, swing by and try their free class. You’ll proooobably be hooked.

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