16.3 Intramural Scores

We are in the home stretch! Dave continues to throw challenges our way and you all continue to rise to the occasion and crush it each week. Here are a few highlights from week three:

– we were so excited to have had so many people get their first bar muscle ups over the weekend! For those of you who are super close, we encourage you to keep doing things that will help get you there soon. Not sure what those things are?? Just ask! Don’t let this be a one weekend thing and forget about bar muscle ups (or another skill you are frustrated with from the Open) until they show up again next year…get ahead of the game!

– congratulations to these athletes scored for their teams:

1st place males: Jared Byczko and Rob McConnell
2nd place males: Zack Griffin and Bastian Himmeroeder
3rd place males: Peter Brasovan and Scott Sendelweck
1st place females: Caitlin Delk and Megan Glen
2nd place females: Caitlin Byczko and Kris Hardy
3rd place females: Katie Price and Meghan Freeman

– Bacon Me Crazy and Team Formation were both awarded spirit points this week with most of them going to Bacon Me Crazy







We will be hosting an End of the Open celebration cook out on March 26th at Monon after the 11:00am CrossFit class! There will be a grill for grilling delicious food and we invite you to bring a dish to pass along with whatever beverage you would like to sip on. We will provide some food but this will largely be a big old pitch in event!

We will be heading over to an after party of sorts at Bent Rail when the time comes to change venues. Join us from 12:00-2:00pm at Monon or after 2:00pm at Bent Rail to celebrate all of the fitness over the past 5 weeks and come together as a big ole’ loving community at the end!


Team Standings:

1st Place: Team Formation 135 points

2nd Place: Bacon Me Crazy 117 points

3rd Place: AMRAPPers Delight 95 points

4th Place: Just the Kip 93 points

5th Place: Brotato Chips  88 points

6th Place: Flex Appeal 71 points


NOTE: scores are subject to change as more information comes in to the head judges and captains!