Intramural Teams

Here are the results of the intramural draft! Over the following week, this will continue to be updated as the captains recruit people to their teams. If you sign up for the open and a captain does not let me know that you were recruited by him or her, then I will put you on a team based on the order we were drafting in.

*these lists are all entirely randomized, do not try to figure out your draft order because you will be wrong

You have until the Open announcement at 8:00pm on February 25th to come up with your team names. First points will be awarded then based on the names we like best!


Captain Andy Miller “Just the Kip”:
Jared Byczko
Sara Hemmick
Sarah Wikoff
Chase Glassburn
Eric Nolan
Luke Eichholtz
Meghan Coyle
Jessi Benedict
Kelly Silvey
Jeff Bonner
Rosanne Ang
Will Fresch
Kyle Goodberlet
Bridget Williams
Kelly Wells
Joe Cermack
Shane Wells
Keisto Lucero
Jen Floyd
Henry Castor (Butch)
Mindy Schelling
Dyer Diehl

Captain Fabian Rodriguez “Brotato Chips”:
Natasha Clements
John Newton
Meggie Dials
Rachel Barr
Rhonda Pacheco
Phil Barszczowski
Nick Niehaus
Josh Dials
Matt Crane
Johanna Shreve
JR Montoya
Terri Dowell
Josh Gritton
Brandon Grubbe
Ryan Gould
Leslie Gardner
Mike Wellner
Robert Andrade
Cody Riles
Dalton Haney
Alex Wedel
Dave Cavanagh
John Leininger
Jason McGill
Jane McBeall
Libby Harmon

Captain Elizabeth Sendelweck “AMRAPPERS Delight”:
Prescott Sanders
Zach Miller
Laura Patrick
Scott Sendelweck
Holli Novinger
Kyle Coffin
Liz Howerth
Molly Sollie
Jason Tharp
Alison Maloof
Jess Reynolds
Josh Louden
Ben Hebbe
Shawn Doyle
Molly Gascho
Christine Stehman
Aaron Goetz
Greg Becher
Justin Tasch
Nicholas Myers
Rob McConnell
Bonnie Kulenkamp
Beth Fischer

Captain Caitlin Byczko “Team Formation”:
Mark Paleafico
Jon Coffin
Ryan Welch
Caitlin Delk
Alex Robertson
Karl Eagleman
Amanda Friesen
Eric Kurth
Amy Kinsey
Jacob Davidson
Dave Krause
Brian Van Bokkelen
John Lubbe
Kris Hardy
Jon Coffin
Mark Fisherkeller
Meghan Freeman
Cindy Morse
Ryan Moriarty
Eamonn Brandon
DP Poole
Kate Pederson
Megan Glen
Muriel Cross
Ashley Shoemaker Hill
Jen Binkley
Zack Griffin
Laura Barnhart
Shannon Brasovan
Kaitlyn Jarman
Jenny Reeves

Captain Mike Reynolds “Flex Appeal”:
Adam Bee
Roger Hawkins
Bastian Himmeroeder
Melanie Woods
Chad Frazell
Alex Qin
Curtis Lamp
Cara Jared
Korey Clements
Sloane Wright
Marilee Tullis
Cara Hays
Noah Muller
Nick Kramer
Sloane Wright
Greg Lazarz

Captain Katie Price:
Tyrone Motley
Casey Pierce
Brian Price
Susan Beaurain
Alicia Gooden
Hillary Ward
Matt Phillips
Ashleyne Seitz
JR Linne
Chad Woodward
Jill Albee
Blake McFarland
Bryan Barnard
Liam Howley
Nate Pacheco
Artie Stevens
George Watson
Charbel Harb
Melonie Coan
Sarah Wilkerson
Brian Howenstein
Peter Brasovan
Mickey Halliburton
Ellie James
Jared Wilkerson
Kellen Hurst
Katherine Ahfield
Sarah Taylor