Intramural Teams 2017

Here are the teams as they have been drafted plus the initial recruitments. A random list generator was used to make these lists so please do not attempt to read anything into the draft order based on the lists below, you will be wrong. I will continue to update this page through the first week of the Open as more athletes sign up and are added to teams (and once team names are selected). If you see an issue, please only have a captain reach out to me.

Team 1:
Captain Jason Tharp
Kendra Merryman
Amy Kinsey
Mickey Halliburton
Jeff Atkinson
Laura Lottie Chandler
Matt Crane
Rosie Ang
Melanie Woods
Nick Niehaus
Michael Kammes
JR Montoya
Dave Krause
Brian Van Bokkelen
Hudson Wikoff
Cindy Morse
Bastian Himmer
Meggie Dials
Justin Hawk
Caitlin Delk
Meghan Freeman
Kaitlin Evans
Gozel Palmer

Team 2:
Captain George Watson
Jess Reynolds
Stefan Dirksen
Shawn Doyle
Sergey Tsukanov
Amy Letteri
Adam Bee
Nick Cayetano
Chad Woodward
Sara Hemmick
Kyle Goodberlet
Mike Reynolds
Christine Stehman
Curtis Lamp
Ashley Shoemaker Hill
Holli Novinger
Mark Paleafico
Amanda Friesen
Peter Corsaro
Prescott Sanders
Mike Wellner

Team 3:
Captain Molly Sollie
Ben Hebbe
Josh Monroe
Elizabeth Sendelweck
Alison Maloof
Cam Ginocchio
Andra Prentkowski
Molly Gascho
Kally Ritter
Sarah Wikoff
Alena Jones
DP (Dwayne Poole)
Al Carl
Sloane Wright
Nick Kramer
Kyle Curran
Scott Sendelweck
Karl Eagleman
Greg Becher
Aaron Goetz
Jessi Benedict

Team 4:
Captain Doug Barnack
Kylie Justus
Skylar Littlewood
Caitlin Byczko
Jacob Davidson
Kelly Silvey
Alicia Gooden
Natalie Bazzini
Fabian Rodriguez
Rushil Basavaraj
Justin Tasch
Bryan Barnard
Mark Fisherkeller
Laura Schlensker
Jill Albee
Will Gooden
Cara Hays
Jared Byczko
Dan Merryman
Phil Barszczkowski
Sam Rothstein

Team 5:
Captain Amanda Griffith
Beth Fisher
Audi Ford
Diana Moers
Adrian Perez
Alan Prouty
Brian Bachman
Kendra Goranson
Josh Dials
Jon Coffin
Chase Glassburn
Ryan Gould
Zac Fronterhouse
Marilee Tullis
Richard Todd
Matt Phillips
Candice Bresnahan
Peter Brasovan
Pierce Chamberlin
Kris Glassburn
Liam Howley
Rachel Barr
Andrew Barr
Andy Miller