I would like to Drop In from another CrossFit gym. What do I do?

We ask that you email us so we know when we get to meet you! It is not required that you create a profile, but if you would like to make things even easier you can create a profile and pay online for your class. An out of town 'Drop In' is $20 for CrossFit, $30 if you would like a shirt too: Click here. Local 'Visit / Drop In' is $25.

I have not worked out in a long time, is this a place for me?

YES! All of our programs are scalable to your current fitness level. Our staff is there to safely introduce you to our fitness programs. When you begin, the workouts may look intimidating; however, we have scales/variations for each movement depending upon YOUR skill level. We may change the movements, the number of reps or the amount of weight in order to find what works best for you. Through consistency and hard work, you will start to notice your body adapt. We commonly hear people say “I have to get in shape before I start at the gym.” This is not true. Come as you are and we will help you start your fitness journey. Reach out to info@naptownfitness.com to let our team know what your goals are and we can help guide you to the best program for you.

I've never done CrossFit before. How do I get started?

Step one is to come in for a Free Consult. At the consult, we take time to get to know you and your goals. After this meeting, we will get you set up with our 90 Day Transformation. For these 90 days, you will be assigned a coach and you will start with 6 one on one sessions with that coach. During these sessions, you will gain knowledge on the fundamental movements, fancy Crossfit terms, and how to make each movement work for you. The idea here is to prepare you for group classes with the main focus on safety. Personal Training is always an option if you prefer to work one-on-one. For further questions regarding the 90 Day Transformation or how to get started, please contact info@naptownfitness.com.

I have done some CrossFit before. How do I get started at NapTown?

Please contact info@naptownfitness.com with any information regarding your experience with CrossFit (i.e. how long you did Crossfit, which affiliate you attended, any breaks you took, injuries, etc.). From there, we can decide the best way to integrate you into classes at NapTown!

How do I sign up for a membership?

You can create an account with us through our billing and attendance system, Pike13. Once you fill our your information, a welcome email will be sent to you to. Most of our plans are available for purchase through this system, however, some plans and passes need to be initiated on our side. CrossFit Foundations, for example, must be sent to you from one of our staff members.

How do I manage/change/cancel my membership?

We use Pike13 to manage our memberships and billing. You can easily input your billing information into your Pike13 profile. Most of our memberships are a recurring payment and require your card information to be entered. You must specifically request to be removed from recurring payments if you do not want that option. If you would like to change your membership please email info@naptownfitness.com. If you are looking to pause or cancel [wait, don't go :(] we ask you fill out a form to solidify your request.

How many locations do you have?

Currently, we have CrossFit, Yoga and SWIFT classes offered Downtown (922 N Capitol Ave-CrossFit, 916 N Capitol Ave-SWIFT, 914 N Capitol Ave-Practice Indie Yoga) and in South Broad Ripple (5255 Winthrop Ave). We want to bring fitness to as many people in the Indianapolis community as possible and having multiple locations has helped us in working towards that goal.

Can I use any location with my membership?

Yes! Your membership gives you access to any and all of the NapTown locations. Within each program, everyone is doing the same workout on any given day. If there is a 12 minute EMOM at our Monon location tomorrow, you will see the same workout Downtown. These different locations give you the opportunity to meet more people and to go to the space that is most convenient for you on any particular day or time. [Please check the schedule to find offerings available at each location.]

You have multiple programs, can I attend any I want?

Yes... sort of. If you have an Elite, Ultimate, or Premium membership you can attend CrossFit, SWIFT or Yoga classes. If you have an Essentials Membership you can attend only SWIFT and Yoga.

Can I track workouts/how do I track my workouts/lifts?

We use Train Heroic as our tracking software. You can check the next days workout through this app and use it to track your score of the day. We encourage athletes to track their scores so as to better follow their progress over time. If technology is not your thing or you want to have more places to put your workouts, many people keep a journal or a list in their phone as a second place to keep things straight. We recommend beginning your search for TrainHeroic on a desktop first. Go to the Train Heroic Marketplace and enter CFNapTown as your access code to join our programming to create an account and be able to log your daily workouts.

I have never done yoga before, is Practice Indie for me?

TOTALLY! Our All levels classes are open to beginners and advanced yogis alike. However, if you are unsure about coming to a general class we offer a "Yoga for Newbies" class every Thursday at 5:05pm. We will review all the major movements that will be included in the all levels vinyasa class. All classes are labeled by level and also if they are a heated class or not. If you are interested in learning about what each level means you can find more information here

I'm sore... what yoga classes should I attend?

We have a couple of restorative/stretchy classes that would be perfect. Check out Practice Indie's site where you can read all about the different classes. We would recommend starting with Competitive Napping, Steadfast & Slow, The Exorcism (its good, we promise), and Willful Surrender. You can find the schedule here

HELP. I dont have a yoga mat. Do you have one I can borrow at Practice Indie?

Yes, a mat rental for our lovely lululemon mats are $3. You are always welcome to bring your own mat as well!

If you would like more information, call us at 317-632-8820 or email info@naptownfitness.com