CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 6/10/19-6/16/19

starting our week off with a hero workout that features a little bit of lifting and a lot of bodyweight work in a quick interval format. We will finish out the day with light lifting with the focus on SPEED in your lifting.

we will begin today with a bit of running work and mobility before moving into the main piece of the day. You will have a longer workout with a long run and a twist on the classic wall ball for a fun couplet.

beginning hump day with pressing strength work and move on to another couplet for your workout. We will be working with a jump rope to start and finish the day, so bring yours to class today!

you will work with the bands again today for resistance and speed work, this time on a deadlift variation. Your workout will be a nasty interval featuring gymnastics, cardio work, and a barbell.

we will close out the week with a retest of the very first benchmark that most of our members test experience. After that, we will work through a bit of accessory work with pulling movements, overhead holds, and single leg strength.

we will be spending our weekend at 916 or Monon with the Level 1 happening at the 922 space. Your workout is a long 30:00 AMRAP full of 5 movements to keep you moving and working all class long!

Have a fun and fit week!