CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/24-4/30

Happy spring time NapTown! It seems the weather is finally starting to come around and we could not be more excited to get our fitness outside a bit more. With that,  we are going to be adding more running in to our Sunday rowing club classes to mix things up. Our last rowing club class of the season will be April 30th. Between now and then, we will be doing a mix of rowing and other movements for a more rounded endurance class. The Fire Fighter Throw Down is this weekend (Friday and Saturday) and we are still looking for a few judges/volunteers to help out with the event. Please email rachel@crossfitnaptown.con if you have time on Friday or Saturday between 8:00am and 3:00pm to help out!

benchmark day! We are hitting up a benchmark workout today that we have not tested in a while at CFNT. Some of you may have super old scores on this to compare to and for many of you it will be your first attempt. My best piece of advice: stay consistent!

spending some quality time with the barbell for today’s workout. We will be working on some touch n go reps to see where our strength threshold is at for several reps in a row. To finish the day off, we will move into some skill and strength development with the pull up/dip program.

strength will start off your Wednesday with a squat and a pull combination. We will move next into a nasty leg and lung burner couplet to get the intensity up.

We will have quite  few guests in town this week and today especially for the Fire Fighter Throw Down. Expect slightly larger classes and welcome our visitors. We will be retesting a workout from their visit last year involving a barbell, a gymnastics skill, and a run!

ending the week off with a partner workout involving some odd object work and midline conditioning. Be smart about your strategy on this one!

Another partner workout this weekend, this time getting outside and working on our coordination!

Have a fun and fit week!