CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 4/17-4/23

Happy spring time NapTown! It seems the weather is finally starting to come around and we could not be more excited to get our fitness outside a bit more. With that,  we are going to be adding more running in to our Sunday rowing club classes to mix things up. Our last rowing club class of the season will be April 30th. In our programming for the next few weeks, we will be incorporating more longer, skill based warm ups and hitting one piece hard for that day. We want to see your hardest effort with every workout we throw your way and are working to set you up for success. Over the past few years, we have been caught up in the feeling of needing to do more, more, and more as the sport of fitness progressed. We think this has at times been to the detriment of our overall fitness and are working to dial things back so that our volume drops down and out intensity can pick back up.

benchmark day! We are doing a classic girl wod today and hope that a whole bunch of you join us to get a new data point in your journey of fitness. There will be a hard lined time cap that may surprise some of you but the goal of this workout is to be hard and fast and we want everyone to scale to a point where they can maintain that intended stimulus.

warming up with some lateral and jumping movements today to make sure our bodies can move in all different directions. From there, we will move into some running intervals so pack your running shoes and don’t cherry pick!

starting the day off with some skill work and prep for your strength piece today. We will be working on positioning and a great pull in our Olympic lifting today based off of percentages from our Oly Total day or your one rep max from another time. If you are newer, this will be a great day to spend time on technique, breaking down this movement.

bring your jump rope for today’s warm up and workout! We will be starting off with a little strength piece that may look a little familiar to some of you. We will continue to pepper in this piece through the coming weeks to get some nice volume in and challenge our strength endurance.

core work skill time to start the day off. There will be multiple levels for this skill piece today depending on where you are at and I promise that all are challenging. Our workout for the day is a 20:00 AMRAP triplet with a combination of gymnastics pieces and a cardio movement. The theme of today is to keep moving so find a scale and rep range that works for you to keep moving through the entire AMRAP.

making a partner twist out of two benchmark workouts in today’s class. It is my most favorite ever name mix up so I hope that you all enjoy it!

Have a fun and fit week!